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  • Black Stainless Steel Housing Transmount Dipstick
  • Firewall Mount Transmission Dipstick
  • Double O-Rings for Secure Seal
  • Transmount Dipstick
  • Midnight Series™ Transmount Dipstick


Hi-Tech Flexible Braided Stainless Transmission Dipsticks

You have flexibility with our Teflon-lined Flexible Braided Stainless Transmission Dipstick. Kit comes complete with braided stainless outer housing and heat resistant E-Z to read flexible inner dipstick measuring cable. Inner cable is molded with appropriate trans fluid levels. Billet aluminum handle and billet aluminum fittings complement Lokar's Flexible Engine Dipsticks. Kit includes dipstick funnel adapter to assist in filling. Designed for "push in" style transmissions. Dipstick seals with double O-rings. Applications available for GM, Ford and Chrysler in both firewall mount and transmount. Firewall mount measures 24" in length. Transmount mounts to the bell housing and the length varies according to the transmission application. Kit comes complete with installation instructions. Call for information on custom lengths and applications. C-4 Pan is screw in style.


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