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Lakester Throttle Pedals

Lakester Throttle Assemblies & Pedal Pads

Lakester hot rod pedal styling is a continuation of the many nostalgic products we offer at Lokar. The pedals have the same quality you have come to expect from its sister steel spoon throttle pedal and round brake/clutch pad. The removable lower arm is splined for versatility in mounting to the right or left of the mounting bracket. Lakester pedals feature curved pads and arms.

These new nostalgic style pedals are available in chromed, black and raw. This unique pedal design will give your favorite vehicle an all new look. The throttle pedal is designed using Delrin bushings for smooth operation when throttling up or down during daily use.

RAW Lakester Pedals
Chromed Lakester Pedals
Midnight Series Lakester Pedals
Midnight Series


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