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Tailmount Automatic Transmission Shifters


Tailmount Automatic
Transmission ShiftersAlternate mounting

Don’t have room for our transmission mount shifter? You can have thesafety and features of a Lokar Shifter with our Tailmount Shifter. This design mounts to the transmission’s tailhousingbolts. Our exclusive tailmount bracket gives youa choice of TWO mounting positions… it’s the most versatile tailmount shifter available.

Also available in Midnight Series Black

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Lokar Bell Crank Kits

Lokar Bell Crank Kits are designed for use with Lokar Automatic Transmission Shifters when mounting the shifter all the way forward on the main plate. These kits come complete with all the necessary installation hardware.

Ford AOD/4R70W/AODE Bell Crank Kit
Ford C-4 Bell Crank Kit
S-6999 GM Bell Crank Kit
TH-350, TH-400,
700-R4 & 4L60

Bell Crank Kit Part Numbers
S-6999     GM TH-350, TH-400, 700-R4 and 4L60 Bell Crank Kit
S-68159   Ford AOD, 4R70W, AODE Bell Crank Kit
S-68161   Ford C-4 Bell Crank Kit