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Shifter Knob Adapter

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Lokar Shifter Knob Adapter

While personal style is important, at Lokar, "Safety is Never an Extravagance."

To fill the void between personal preference and personal safety, Lokar developed a Shifter Knob Adapter which allows you to express yourself with highly custom knobs, yet still retain all of the safety features and benefits of a Lokar Shifter, including the positive lock-out in Park and Neutral.

After thoughtful consideration and careful planning, Lokar invented a Shifter Knob Adapter with hidden functional parts and a sleek design which will install on ANY Lokar Shifter without modification and allow the use of virtually anything as a knob.

The Adapter is offered with common 3/8-16 or 3/8-24 thread sizes and is available in either a chromed or black finish.

Knobs for Adapter

Knobs for Lokar
Shifter Knob Adapter

• Offered in 2 1/4" diameter
• Plain design (no shift pattern)
• Each knob includes aluminum 3/8-16 & 3/8-24 thread inserts
and polished jam nuts

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