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Cable Operated Automatic Transmission Shifters


Cable Operated Automatic Transmission Shifters

Lokar’s versatile Floor Mount Shifter is paired with a high quality push/pull cable, offering mounting in virtually any location. Use of a superior 1/4" inner cable and spherical rod ends bring this shifter to the next level of quality when compared to other 10-32 cables often used. User friendly mounting brackets and hardware yields a truly universal, safe and quality product.

Features include:

• Versatile Floor Mount Design

• High quality push/pull cable with durable 1/4" inner cable

• Spherical rod ends

• Many mounting options

• Shifter locks in Park & Neutral with Lokar’s exclusive Safety Lock-Out Button

• Neutral safety switch

• Shifter lever lengths available in 23", 16", 12", 10", 8", and 6"

• Choice of Mushroom, Lokar or Black Mushroom Knob

Also available in Midnight Series Black

Shifter closeup Shifter closeup

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