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AOD Locking Trans Dipstick

Anchor-Tight® Locking Flexible Transmission Dipstick for AOD Transmissions

  • No filler tube needed
  • Locking mechanism prevents expulsion of dipstick handle under trans pressure
  • Bolted in sealed pan fitting
  • Large filler tube accepts standard transmission funnels
  • Made from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Teflon®-lined stainless braided outer housing
  • Flexible inner dipstick measuring cable
  • No pan fitting leaks during storage
  • Dipsticks available with firewall mount or transmount mounting bracket
  • Trans & Firewall Mount styles supplied with trans storage plug for quick change & storage
  • Spare trans fittings available for quick transmission changes
  • Available in brite, black, and Black Stainless Steel

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