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Lokar Header Tether System

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Lokar Header Tether System Bracket

Lokar Header Tether System Bracket

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Lokar has released a tether system for multi-piece headers and headers with removable collectors/stacks. The Lokar Header Tether System is a secondary retaining device that will ensure the attached collectors will remain attached if the primary retaining device (most often a bolt or tab) fails. The system allows racers to freely and easily change collectors at any time and is universal to fit a variety of applications. The kits are made from high quality stainless and carry the same lifetime warranty as all Lokar products.


  • T-bolt clamps for ease of installation
  • Works with merge and standard collectors
  • Cut-to-fit tether cable for easy custom installation
  • Stainless hardware
  • NHRA accepted

The Lokar Header Tether System has been accepted by the NHRA for use in all classes and will also meet the requirements for the 2014 NHRA rule change regarding multi-piece headers and removable collectors. From the 2013 NHRA rule book:

“2013 NHRA Rule Amendments SECTION 20: General Regulations, Engine: 1,1.3 Exhaust (Page 3) last update 2/4/2013. Effective Jan 1, 2014, removable multi-piece exhaust collectors/stacks must be securely fastened with an NHRA accepted header tether to prevent loss of collector/stacks during competition.”

Header Tether System Part Numbers

*Merge collectors must be measured at the valley of the merge