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1967 -1969 Dart/Cuda Competitor Series  Throttle Assemblies

1967 -1969 Dart/Cuda Competitor Series
Throttle Assemblies & Pedal Pads

Lokar's Competitor Series Throttle Assemblies are designed with a unique internal spanner nut ensuring perfect pedal tension. This pedal is in a class of its own; by adding this built in tensioning feature, we have eliminated the possibility of excess 'slop' in the throttle pedal.

Another milestone of the Competitor Series Throttle Pedal is its incredibly sturdy mounting base. The design of this pedal has enabled us to provide over an inch and a quarter wide mounting base yet maintain a narrow and sleek appearance. If that weren't enough, the mounting base is mounted to a thick steel plate allowing the pedal to be installed in the vehicle using the factory mounting locations without any drilling or modification. This is incredibly accommodating when installing the pedal in a vehicle which has already been painted.

In our everlasting quest for perfection, we have also built the Competitor Series Throttle Assemblies with our exclusive large diameter ¾" x 48 tooth fine-spline steel insert to provide the ultimate in strength and durability.

All of these features coupled with a spring-loaded throttle pad, Delrin bushings, and superior design have made the Competitor Series Throttle Pedal the finest and most versatile throttle pedal available.

For a compact and clean look, Lokar has put a modern bend on classic brake/clutch pedal pads. Our Curved Brake/Clutch Pedal Pads add style and function to your classic car. Designed with hidden screws, these pads are curved to match and bolt directly to the factory steel brake/clutch pedal. Each brake/clutch pedal pad has been fashioned after its corresponding factory rubber pad and is available in brushed or black finish.

Vertical Offset Mounting

BAG-6146 (pair)

Midnight Series MOPAR
Midnight Series

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