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Black Midnight Series Products

BLACK... Plain & Simple

When it comes to quality from Lokar, it doesn’t matter what color the product comes in, there is no compromise. 

Lokar is pleased to offer an entire line of Black products in our Midnight Series.  In 2010 Lokar introduced the newest of the Midnight Series with our exclusive Black Stainless Steel Housing for our Throttle Cables, Kickdown Cables, Headlight Braid, Engine Dipsticks and Transmission Dipsticks.  All products offered in Black Stainless Steel Housing are assembled with matching Black anodized aluminum fittings.  In addition, Lokar offers all of our Mounting Brackets in Midnight Series.  Aluminum Brackets are black anodized and steel products are black satin powder coated.  This newest of the Lokar line offers a fresh new look to any vehicle.

We hope you will be as excited about this line of products as we are!

We invite you to check out the expanded Midnight Series Product Line featuring brand new Black Stainless Steel Housing with Black aluminum fittings for many of our product lines including:

All Lokar products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and carry a Lifetime Warranty.